Battle of Leyte Gulf Memorial

San Diego , California , United States

About Battle of Leyte Gulf Memorial

The Battle of Leyte Gulf Memorial commemorates what is generally known as the biggest historic naval battle of World War II.

Fought in the seas around the Philippines in October 1944 between US and Japanese fleets, as well as by air, the Battle of Leyte Gulf is famed not just for its grand scale, but also as a pivotal point in the Pacific campaign. Indeed, this decisive US victory opened the way for recapturing the Philippines from the Japanese and gaining general control of the Pacific theatre.

Many aircraft carriers and support vessels were sunk in the Leyte Gulf, but it is generally thought that many of these wrecks are too deep to be visited by scuba divers so there is little to see of this naval battle. For those looking for a place to remember this important military event, there is the Battle of Leyte Gulf Memorial in San Diego in the States.

For an important memorial connected to the Battle of Leyte Gulf located in the Philippines, there is the Leyte Landing Memorial, which is in aid of the related Battle of Leyte.

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