Averasboro Battlefield

Erwin , North Carolina , United States

About Averasboro Battlefield

Averasboro Battlefield was the site of The Battle of Averasborough, during the American Civil War.

The Battle of Averasborough took place on 15 and 16 March 1865. Part of the Carolinas Campaign of the American Civil War, the Battle of Averasborough was fought between the Unionist Army of Georgia led by Major General Henry W. Slocum and a Confederate army led by Lieutenant General William J. Hardee. Hardee’s mission was to delay Slocum’s troops to allow General Joseph E. Johnston to amass troops at nearby Bentonville.

There is debate as to whether Hardee succeeded in delaying the Union army for as long as he required. Overall, the Battle of Averasborough resulted in over a thousand casualties, with 682 on the Confederate side and around five hundred Unionists.

Today, visitors can see the battlefield and a related museum commemorating the Battle of Averasborough.

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