Arch of Germanicus

Saintes , New Aquitaine , France

About Arch of Germanicus

The Arch of Germanicus (Arc de Germanicus) is a Roman era arch in Saintes which was constructed in 19AD.

The arch was built to honour Roman Emperor Tiberius, his son Drusus and his adopted son Germanicus. Germanicus was the nephew of Tiberius and brother to Emperor Claudius. He was a successful Roman general and won a series of impressive victories against the Germanic tribes, hence his honourary name. The Arch of Germanicus celebrated these victories and honoured the commander, who had died the year before.

The Arch of Germanicus once stood at the head of a Roman bridge but was carefully moved and restored in the 19th century when the bridge was replaced. Today the Arch of Germanicus stands near the river and is open to view and visit.

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