Historic Sites in Switzerland

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Switzerland: Site Index

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Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica is an ancient Roman archaeological site near Basel in Switzerland.

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Aventicum is an impressive ancient Roman site in Switzerland which was the thriving capital of the Helvetians.

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Bex Salt Mines

The Bex Salt Mines are a living museum of the salt mining industry which has operated here since the 17th century.

Chateau de Chillon

Castle Chillon is a beautiful fort using Lake Geneva and a moat created between a small island and the mainland for defense.

Photo by Dirty S (cc)

Chateau de Prangins

Chateau de Prangins is an 18th century French style castle and home to one of the branches of the Swiss National Museum.

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Einsiedeln Abbey

Einsiedeln Abbey is a picturesque Baroque style Benedictine monastery with an illustrious history dating to the 9th century AD.

Fort Vallorbe

Fort Vallorbe was a World War II artillery fort which had great strategic importance defending the Col de Jougne Pass as well as the Swiss-French border.

Photo by Al Ianni (cc)


Fraumunster is a medieval church and one of the most famous in Zurich, renowned for its stained glass windows.

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Geneva Museum of Art and History

The Geneva Museum of Art and History is Switzerland’s largest such museum and home to a world renowned collection.

Geneva Museum of Ethnography - Carl-Vogt

The Geneva Museum of Ethnography in Boulevard Carl-Vogt exhibits historic items from around the world and a range of civilisations.

Geneva Museum of Ethnography - Conches

The Geneva Museum of Ethnography in Conches displays historic pieces from all five continents and an array of civilisations.

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Grossmunster is a famous medieval church in Zurich with a history dating to Charlemagne.

Photo by Olivier Bruchez (cc)

Gruyeres Castle

Gruyeres Castle is a picturesque medieval castle which was the seat of nobility for centuries.

International Museum of the Reformation

The International Museum of the Reformation in Geneva presents the story of the Protestant Reformation which occurred in Switzerland in the 16th century.

National Museum Zurich

The National Museum Zurich displays some one million exhibits relating to Swiss history and culture.

Palais des Nations

The Palais des Nations in Geneva has been the official European headquarters of the United Nations since 1966.

Peterskirche - Zurich

Peterskirche in Zurich is a medieval site famed for having Europe’s largest clock face.

St Peter’s Cathedral - Geneva

St Peter’s Cathedral is a famed cathedral in Geneva dating back to the 12th century with an adjoining archaeological site.

The Barbier-Muller Museum

The Barbier-Muller Museum is a famous art museum in Geneva with an impressive collection of historic pieces from civilizations around the globe.

The Reformation Monument

The Reformation Monument in Geneva is a tribute to the 16th century Protestant Reformation in Switzerland.

The Rietberg Museum

The Rietberg Museum in Zurich displays a world renowned collection of art from America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.