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Abila is an ancient town in Jordan and one of the Decapolis, a federation of 10 Greco-Roman cities providing a defence of the eastern front of the Roman Empire.

Photo by Dale Gillard (cc)

Ajlun Castle

A grand medieval castle commissioned by Saladin, Ajlun Castle is an excellent example of Ayyubid-era fortifications which is now a tourist attraction and museum.

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Amman Roman Theatre

Cut into the hillside, the 6,000-seat Roman theatre in Amman, Jordan is one of the world's finest examples of Roman amphitheatre architecture.

Photo by Bob McCaffrey (cc)

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Bethany Beyond the Jordan is said to be the site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Photo by Historvius

Church of Saint George at Madaba

Oldest known geographic floor mosaic in art history located in Saint George church of Madaba, depicting the Holy Land.

Photo by archer10 (Dennis) (cc)


Jerash in Jordan was once a thriving Roman city and is one of the world’s best preserved and most impressive set of Roman ruins.

Kerak Castle

An impressive 12th century Crusader castle in Jordan, the remains of the fortification of Kerak are an awesome and slightly forbidding sight even today.

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Petra is a famous UNESCO-listed ancient Nabataean city which later formed part of the Roman Empire.

Qasr Amra

Qasr Amra is a UNESCO-listed eighth century desert castle in Jordan.

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Qasr Bashir

Qasr Bashir (Q’Sar Bashir) is an exceptionally well preserved fourth Century Roman fortress that lies in the Jordanian desert.

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Umm Qais

Umm Qais, also spelt Umm Qays, houses the remains of Gadara, one of the Decapolis cities.