Historic sites in Ethiopia

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It is generally believed that Ethiopia is the earliest site of human habitation and the land from which Homo sapiens emerged into the rest of the world. From times of antiquity and for centuries, Ethiopia would be ruled by various dynasties and kingdoms, something which is evidenced at the Historic Sites in Ethiopia such as Yeha.

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Believed to have been called home by the Queen of Sheba at one time, Axum is one of the main historic places in Ethiopia and among the supposed sites of the Ark of the Covenant.

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Harar Jugol

Harar Jugol is an important UNESCO listed fortified historic town in Ethiopia.

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Harar Jugol Wall

The Harar Jugol Wall is the medieval fortification surrounding the former capital of the Harari Kingdom.

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Lalibela Rock Churches

Famed for its eleven medieval rock cut churches, Lalibela is one of the historic sites in Ethiopia designated a World Heritage site.

The Yeha Temple

The Yeha Temple is thought to be the oldest standing building in the country, making it one of the best-known historic sites in Ethiopia.