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Herculaneum HISTORY

Herculaneum was a port town established by the ancient Romans in what is now modern Ercolano, Italy. At its peak, Herculaneum would have had around 4,000 citizens and served as a holiday town for wealthy Campanians and Romans.

Like nearby Pompeii, Herculaneum was engulfed by the lava and mud which spewed from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and, as a result, much of the town was preserved throughout the centuries. In fact, Herculaneum arguably withstood the natural disaster better than Pompeii with many of its upper floors still being intact. This, combined with the fact that Herculaneum is less crowded and easier to walk through makes it a great site to visit.

Even the streets of Herculaneum are fascinating, displaying the high degree of planning employed by the Romans. Some of the most stunning sites at Herculaneum include the thermal spas and baths, the gymnasium, the House with the Mosaic Atrium and the House of Neptune. This site also features as one of our Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy.



To get to Herculaneum by train from Naples and Sorrento, take the Circumvesuviana line to Napoli-Sorrento, Napoli-Poggiomarino or Napoli-Torre Annunziata (Ercolano stop). By car, take Autostrada A3 to the Ercolano Portico exit and follow the signs. Herculaneum is at the bottom of the modern town’s main street.




Open daily, 8:30am to 5pm (to 7:30 pm April to October). Closed 1 January, 1 May and 25 December. Last entry 1.5 hrs before closing. Admission costs €11. A three day pass combined with Pompeii, Oplontis, Stabiae, Boscoreale is available for €20. Audio guides cost a further €6.50 or €10 for two.


NAME: Herculaneum
Alt Name: Ercolano
Country: Italy
Period: Ancient Rome
Sub-Region: -
Date: 100BC - 1BC
City/Town: Ercolano
Figure:  -
Resorts: Ercolano, Napoli, Salerno,


Herculaneum ADDRESS

Corso Resina, Ercolano NA, Italy

Herculaneum PHONE NUMBER

+39 081 8575331

Herculaneum EMAIL


Emperor :
Dan Carpenter
King :
Kevin Simmons
Princess :
Viv Rayner
Duke :
Lord :

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Viv Rayner 29 Nov, 2013

Amazing! I spent a very happy 6 hours exploring this site. If anything, better than Pompeii - but that could be the peace and quiet and absence of crowds. The site enables you to see very clearly how they lived, worked and sadly, died. It is easily accessible from the local train that runs from Naples to Sorrento.