Hadrian’s Wall

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Hadrian’s Wall HISTORY

Hadrian’s Wall is a magnificent remnant of Roman Britain and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Built under the rule of Roman Emperor Hadrian between 122 and 130 AD, it took six legions to complete this once 73 mile wall – 80 miles by Roman measurements. At the time of its completion, Hadrian’s Wall would have been between 13 and 15 feet high, made of stone and turf and would have stretched east to west from the River Tyne to the Solway Firth.

The purpose of Hadrian’s Wall was once thought to have been as a fortification to keep out the Scots, but today historians believe it was a way of monitoring movement between the north and south in an attempt to consolidate the Empire.

Large sections of Hadrian’s Wall remain intact in northern England and these are surrounded by various Roman monuments, forts and other ruins. There are several ways to visit all of these sections and sites, notably as part of the National Trail, which is a signposted walk, by bus, by bicycle and via tour groups. The 15 metre section pictured above is known as Planetrees and is quite central along the trail.

Other key sites along the Hadrian's Wall trail include Corbridge Roman Town, Chesters Roman Fort, Arbeia Roman Fort, Birdoswald Roman Fort, Vindolanda, Segedunum Roman Fort and Housesteads Roman Fort.

This site features as one of our Top Ten tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom. To view the all the Hadrian's Wall sites on a map click here.


DIRECTIONS TO Hadrian’s Wall

This section of Hadrian’s Wall is located along Route B6318 one mile southeast of Chollerford in Northumberland. See individual sites for directions.




This section of Hadrian's Wall is open at reasonable times and entry is free.


NAME: Hadrian’s Wall
Alt Name:  -
Country: United Kingdom
Period: Ancient Rome
Sub-Region: -
Date: 100AD - 199AD
City/Town: Chollerford
Figure: Hadrian
Resorts: Chollerford, Carlisle, Newcastle upon Tyne,


Hadrian’s Wall ADDRESS

along Route B6318, Nr. Chollerford

Hadrian’s Wall PHONE NUMBER

+44 (0) 870 333 1181

Hadrian’s Wall EMAIL


Emperor :
Dan Carpenter
King :
Prince :
Duke :
Lord :

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Dan Carpenter 06 Mar, 2015

It is possible to do the wall in increments. There is a bus service all along the wall with well marked stations. The buses come by frequently and will quickly bring you to Newcastle or other large cities near the foot path.