Historic Sites in Belarus

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There's a host of top Historic Sites in Belarus to visit and among the very best are the famous Brest-Hero Fortress.

What are the best Historic Sites in Belarus?

1. The Brest-Hero Fortress

The Brest-Hero Fortress, also known simply as the Brest Fortress, played an important role in 20th century history. Begun in 1830, the Brest-Hero Fortress became an active military site on 26 April 1842. Since then it has played important roles in several conflicts including both World Wars and the German-Soviet War as well as being a notorious prison following Poland’s infamous Brest elections.

It is most famous as a symbol of Soviet resistance to German forces as part of Operation Barbarossa in 1941. Originally called the Brest Fortress, it was renamed the Brest-Hero Fortress in recognition of its part in this event.  Today, the Brest-Hero Fortress is known both for its symbolism and for its 19th century military architecture. It now houses a museum of its own history and visitors can also wander through its impressive ruins.

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