Historic Sites in Bahrain

What are the best Historic Sites in Bahrain?

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There's a host of top Historic Sites in Bahrain to visit and among the very best are the Bahrain Fort. We’ve put together an experts guide to Bahraini Cultural Places, Landmarks and Monuments, with our top places to visit as well as a full list of Historic Sites in Bahrain, which shouldn’t be ignored if you have the time.

1. Bahrain Fort

The Bahrain Fort, also known as Qal'at al Bahrain, is an ancient tell and a former Portuguese military fortification in Manama, Bahrain. Excavation of the Bahrain Fort site has revealed that it is an artificial mound made up of layers created by successive occupation dating back as far as 2300 BC. This type of mound is known as a “tell”.

The Bahrain Fort is incredibly well preserved, allowing visitors to really appreciate its history and former structures and also gaining it a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.

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Full list of Historic Sites in Bahrain

Our database of Historic Sites in Bahrain is growing all the time, but we may not cover them all. So, if you know of other Bahraini Cultural Places, Landmarks and Monuments, you can always add them to Trip Historic now by contacting us today.

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