Dunkirk War Museum

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Dunkirk War Museum HISTORY

The Dunkirk War Museum or “Memorial du Souvenir” tells the story of the famous World War II allied evacuation of Dunkirk. The Dunkirk evacuation took place between 26 May and 4 June 1940 and was an operation - codenamed Dynamo - to rescue hundreds of thousands of British, French, Canadian, and Belgian soldiers cut off by advancing German forces.

At the time, the Germans had control of Calais and there were insufficient Royal Navy vessels to carry all of the troops. Thus, in a campaign widely regarded as miraculous, heroic and bold, the evacuation of Dunkirk was carried out not just by military ships but by civilian ones.

Hundreds of small boats and ships including even fishing vessels and pleasure boats were mobilised for use in the mission. While this command was given by the admiralty, many of the boats were captained by civilians. Casualties ran into the thousands as did the number of soldier taken hostage yet, despite coming under heavy bombardment, these “little ships” together with the warships, managed to evacuate around 338,000 troops.

Located in the former headquarters of the French army, The Dunkirk War Museum explores the build up to and the events which took place as part of Operation Dynamo. There is a film about Dunkirk and it also houses numerous objects relating to this event including weaponry, artillery and other pieces found on the beaches.


DIRECTIONS TO Dunkirk War Museum

Located in the north of Dunkerque in northern France near the harbour.




Open daily April-September, 10am-noon and 2pm-5pm. For the rest of the year, call 00 33(0) 3 28 66 79 21. Entry costs €3.50 for adults, free for under 12s.


NAME: Dunkirk War Museum
Alt Name: Memorial du Souvenir
Country: France
Period: World War Two
Sub-Region: -
Date: 1900AD - 1999AD
City/Town: Dunkerque
Figure:  -
Resorts: Dunkerque,


Dunkirk War Museum ADDRESS

Courtines du Bastion 32, Rue des Chantiers de France, 59140 Dunkerque

Dunkirk War Museum PHONE NUMBER

+33(0) 3 28 66 79 21

Dunkirk War Museum EMAIL


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Ellen Kolakowski
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Ellen Kolakowski 05 Jul, 2013

"A fishing boat it used to be; Twas French in nationality; It helped to bring some French away; To bonny England one fine day; A fishing boat it is no more; A trawler now to win the war; It's name is the Chez Marie; It will go back when France is free." - Written by 9 year old school girl - Eileen Elsie Withey in 1940 at the All Saints School for Girls in Edmonton England

john comm

Superb War story I m so delighted with the story, keep writing stories like this...it helps a lot! http://worldwar42.blogspot.com